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Join us in serving Brevard County Florida!

Our Story

The reason Cloud 9 Real Estate Group exists today is because corporate America lost sight of the value in understanding the client’s wants and needs. This has left many people dissatisfied and feeling left behind in this fast-paced changing market. After 25 years as a banker, and sitting at every seat of the closing table, Mona Stevenson chose to take her knowledge of real estate transactions combined with two decades of personal real estate investment and create a boutique brokerage. The mission of our group is to compassionately educate and assist clients in what is likely the single largest investment transaction they have undertaken.

Are you searching for an opportunity to connect as well as achieve?
Do you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to reach your full potential?

What We Offer

Our vision is to foster an environment that focuses on building lasting relationships and continued referrals through an elevated experience and community involvement. Our team has professional backgrounds in marketing, finance, investing and OREO properties. We are dedicated to helping you create success for yourself through mentorship, training, leads, and marketing support, while offering individually negotiated splits and competitive caps. We encourage our agents to actively provide input and ideas to promote growth and prosperity to all team members.

“I thoroughly enjoy working at Cloud 9 Real Estate Group. Mona is the consummate professional broker – walks me through challenges when I have them and is extremely generous with leads. Expenses are covered, and there is a fair commission for my work. I have the freedom to work as independently as I like but know that I always have the 24/7 support that I need in an ever-changing industry. Perhaps most importantly, Cloud 9 is an extremely ethical and fair brokerage. I always feel like they have my back. I would absolutely recommend that any interested real estate professional chat with Mona about the benefits of joining our incredible team.”

Tina Lange

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